All images are for illustration. Box contents varies weekly and is based on seasonal availability, quality and market pricing.

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Farm Fresh 2U is a locally owned and operated family business. Based on the Central Coast, we offer market fresh, hand-picked and packed, fruit and vegetable boxes delivered direct to you. An order with us financially supports Australian farmers as we buy ONLY from Australian Farmers. We hope the following information helps answer any questions you may have.

Questions and Answers

Order on our website by 4pm Wednesday and pay by EFT close of business same day.

We deliver throughout the Central Coast. Delivery is FREE.

We deliver on Thursdays 3-9pm AND Fridays 10-2pm.

We ask the yoghurt and juice be put in the fridge ASAP. For this reason we ask you to be home. If not, please leave out a cooler bag / Esky with ice bricks for the cold items.

Yes we offer a pick-up from our warehouse in Tuggerah every Thursday 2-6pm. You still need to pre-order and pay for your box prior to pick-up. No cash sales.

Our $70 mixed fruit & veg box is a ‘family sized box’ and includes 2 litre of fresh orange juice, bread of the week (changes fortnightly) & natural yoghurt with fruit coulis.

Our $50 mixed box is smaller in size to our $70 box and is suitable for a single/ couple. It DOES NOT have any juice, bread or yoghurt.

Our $50 FRUIT ONLY box is packed with seasonal fruit only and is perfect for families that love their fresh fruit. We have 4-6 additional varieties of fruit in this box that do not feature in our mixed boxes.

Our $50 SALAD/ VEG ONLY box is packed with seasonal salad items & vegetables only and is perfect for families that love their fresh salads/ veggies. We have 4-6 additional varieties of salad/ veg in this box that do not feature in our mixed boxes.

Our $50 KETO box is packed with seasonal salad & vegetable items only and is perfect for families following this eating approach.

Our $70 mixed box is large and we suggest it suits a family of 4 for the week.

Our $50 mixed boxes and keto boxes are suitable for a single/couple for the week.

Our $50 FRUIT ONLY and $50 SALAD/ VEG ONLY boxes are perfect extra boxes to compliment your existing order or for larger families that enjoy their fresh produce.

NB: Appetites and times that you are home for meals may vary but as a guide we have found this is accurate

The contents of the box will vary slightly each week due to seasonal changes and quality at the markets on the day. As a guide the staples will be:

Zucchini, Lettuce, Cucumber, Capsicum, Carrots, Onions, Sweet Potato, Potato, Pumpkin, Broccoli, Tomato, Punnet Tomato, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Watermelon, Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Peaches, Pears, Melons & Stone Fruits (when in season). We also add 1 Litre Freshly Squeezed OJ, Natural Yoghurt (with a fruit topping on the side) and Bread (Turkish/ Lebanese Wraps/ Sourdough for example). This will vary slightly with other market specials as they arise week to week. For example, mangoes, melons, celery, plums, baby spinach, spinach, corn, strawberries, squash, cauliflower, grapes may be used instead of some other items if in season. QUALITY of produce on the day is our priority.

This is an initiative we launched in April 2019 where clients can voluntarily donate a dollar (or more) to their order. All funds raised will cover the cost of a $50 mixed box to be delivered to a local family in need. For this initiative to be viable weekly, we need monetary donations AND nominations of needy Central Coast based families. Please message us privately via our FB page if you would like to nominate a recipient. You can make a donation within your online order.

We source our eggs from Arcadia Free Range Eggs located in Wyongah. We offer free range, one dozen 800gm eggs for $7 and 30 pack 700g for $15 as an optional extra to the boxes. Eggs are delivered to us fresh weekly.

We purchase our produce seasonally and buy and pack in bulk. For this reason we do not shop for individual items/requests but are more than happy to accommodate your unique dietary needs. Please just make a comment in the notes section of your online order and we will confirm.

The juice is supplied by our juice partner East Coast Juices from Kulnura on the Central Coast. The label on the bottle will confirm the contents.

The yoghurt is 100% milk and culture added. Best consumed in 5-7 days.

No. You can order as you need.

When ordering via our website, you can pay by Direct Deposit to our bank account no later than close of business Wednesday. Banking details are provided when your order is confirmed. Alternatively, you can order online and pay with your debit/ credit card.

The produce is sourced from the Local Farmers and Sydney Markets. We pride ourselves that our produce is from local and Australian farmers ONLY.

Our priority is to offer produce that is affordable and represents value for money for Central Coast families. For this reason the produce is not organic.

Yes, we ask you to leave your box out for collection with your next delivery.

We are fortunate to have TWO amazing sources for our Honey.

Firstly Cathy's nephew harvests solely for our Coastal Gourmet 2U family at Blaxlands Ridge.

And secondly Sassafraz Farm at Yarramalong now solely harvest for us as well.